Father Pancras Raja

Father Pancras Raja was born in 1940 in Tamil Nadu India. In 1960 his older brother sent him to Saint Paul major seminary in the city of Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. In 1968 Pancras Raja was ordained a priest in the Traditional old rite and was apart of the diocese of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. He was able to say the Traditional Latin Mass for a year before he and the priest he was subject to, were ordered to stop saying the Latin Mass and begin saying the New Mass. After ten years as a parish priest, Father Pancras, seeing the courage of his spiritual director, Father Antony Xavier, persevere in saying the True Mass, began to say only the Traditional Latin Mass himself. In 1980 Father Pancras and Father Antony Xavier began communicating with Archbishop Lefebvre in Econe Switzerland and began helping to propagate the True Mass and Faith in India and setting up centers for this purpose - to the anger of the local bishop. From 1985 onward, Father Pancras began working alongside the Society of Saint Pius X. He was with Archbishop Lefebvre in Écône for six months, England for two years, in Canada with Father Gruner for six months. He began a Mission in Toronto Canada where he stayed three years before handing the charge over to the SSPX and returning to India. Father Pancras continued to aid the SSPX until 2010. By 2012, it had become clear that the SSPX had set out in a direction other than what its Founder had prescribed - spurring the Resistance. Father Pancras began aiding the Resistance in 2013. In 2018, after speaking with Father Joseph Pfeiffer and agreeing to preach a retreat to the seminarians, he traveled to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Boston Kentucky where he remains as a spiritual director to the priests and seminarians and where he says Mass on Sundays and throughout the week.