Bishop Pfeiffer

A new Bishop! His Excellency Bishop Joseph Pfeiffer July 29, 2020

Father Joseph Pfeiffer was born in 1970 in Louisville Kentucky. Three years later his family moved to Boston Kentucky where they had, in 1969, established a chapel known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with Father Francis Hannifin. This chapel had been a long time desire of Joseph Pfeiffer's Father, Jack, to build for the aid of the Woman (the Church) who would one day have to flee to a refuge in the wilderness during a time of crisis (Apoc. 12:6). This Chapel and its surrounding property indeed became that when the effects of Vatican II became apparent. Under the loyal Irish Priest, Father Francis Hannifin, the chapel stayed true to the Faith and Mass of all time and aided many priests and nuns that passed through, seeking refuge and counsel during the tumultuous upheavals in the Church following Vatican II. This was the environment that Father Joseph Pfeiffer was raised in, close to Father Hannifin, and it greatly influenced he and his oldest brother, Timothy, who also became a priest. When Timothy Pfeiffer left to become a priest in the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), Joseph followed in his older brother's footsteps a couple years later. In 1994, Joseph Pfeiffer was ordained a priest in the Society of Saint Pius X by Bishop Bernard Fellay. As a Society priest, Father Pfeiffer was stationed in the United States until 2005 preaching in retreat houses, running schools, and was pastor at a few churches. In 2006, he was sent to the Asian District of the SSPX, serving in the Philippines and India until 2012. Years earlier, Father Pfeiffer had been told by Father Hannifin that one day as a priest he (Father Pfeiffer) would end up back at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Father Pfeiffer would respond "no, no, I won't be back here. I am with the SSPX. We will be all over the world, but we won't be here in Kentucky!". On October 3, 2012 - the Feast of Saint Therese the Little Flower, Father Pfeiffer was expelled from the SSPX for speaking publicly against the new compromised direction the SSPX leaders were taking in trying to be recognized by Modernist Rome - a direction opposed to the explicit orders of its Holy Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Many other priests followed in suit, including Bishop Williamson. This event brought Father Pfeiffer back to his home at Our Lady of Mount Carmel - proving the words of Father Hannifin to be true. Father Pfeiffer continued missionary work around the world keeping his base at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Seeing the necessity to train priests to continue the work of Archbishop Lefebvre, Father Pfeiffer established a seminary at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in October 2013 dedicating all of its work to the Mother of God. The seminary was blessed by Bishop Williamson, who, a year later, along with his three bishops would withdraw any aid to Father Pfeiffer and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary. Father Pfeiffer, confident that ordinations would be provided for by a bishop, continued the seminary, which saw over fifty seminarians pass through in its beginning seven years. In 2020, eight years after coming back to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Father Pfeiffer was consecrated a bishop by Bishop Neal Webster, ending the seven year bishop draught at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary. The 2020 to 2021 seminary school season will start with twenty-one seminarians and two brothers and will see its first crop of ordinations to the priesthood numbering three. On the weekends and for breaks in the summer and school year, Bishop Pfeiffer continues to travel to his missions around the U.S., Canada and other parts of the world.